Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WoW Video revisited

I found my INTO THE WATER Video after misplacing it for a few months and saved it to DVD to avoid losing track of it on my computer again. So for nostalgia's sake I have posted it to the World of Warcraft page for those who want to see it. It is reduced from 1gig to 26mb so clarity and size are not optimum and i have never used blogger video before, so I have no idea how it will turn out for viewing.
click here > INTO THE WATER

Meanwhile I am dilligently knocking down my ToDo list today, so not wanting to break my streak I am off to Wallyworld; new burner inserts for my stove, kitty supplies, maybe a new bookcase, and a few other various items, oh yes note to self look for coleman heaters while out...


Jan said...

'oh yes note to self look for coleman heaters while out...'

And candles. :)

sue said...

Ah, yes... the good old days. I still have that song rumbling around here somewhere. Got hooked on it after you made that video!