Monday, September 24, 2007

I am not prepared for Monday!

I got nothing.

Um, the dog ate my homework? After the torrents of sprinkles that deluged us locally Saturday, as expected, the nearest transformer blew and we were without power for 6 1/2 hours. Half a day w/o electronic devices can be quite unsettling to me. I know six hours does not make a half of a day, but add three hours for sleep, a two hour nap, and time to prepare meals and other personal neccesities, it easily adds up to more than twelve hours of time away from the digital world. After spending a good deal of time ranting and raving about the incompetant power company who just couldn't get around to winterizing their equipment in time for what may well be the twenty seventh year in a row, I went across the street and shared my opinions with my neighbor and we swapped horror stories about the electric companies from our past for awhile when I realized it was time to get back home and look for my power outage kit before dusk fell. I found one flashlight, the one with the tired batteries, not the one with a shake generator in the handle. My candles were used up to littlle wic stubs (when did I do that?).

I bought all new phones for the house this summer and realized that they all are cordless hand helds and none will work in a power outage. I remembered that I never got around to buying that coleman heater for emergencies like this, and thanks to the gentle touch my housekeeper wields with the vacuum cleaner, all my plug-in power failure lights are broken or missing.

I finaly remembered where I hid the box of matches from the cats (don't ask) and found I still have one gallon of water in the closet. I donated my extra blankets in a moment of summer housecleaning weakness, and gave my scanner to Ron 'cause he said he liked to listen to it when he stayed up to star gaze.

I guess the electric company isn't the only one to neglect due diligence on winterizing.

Sunday cleared up and my IP spent the day cycling on and off at random periods making internet access an unpleasant task so I looked for other projects. But mostly spent the day thinking about what to do rather than actually doing anything.

Today I am unorganized and unprepared. I am staring at a ToDo list, but I feel absolutely unmotivated to jump up and start implementing it, there is always tomorrow after all.


Jan said...

I know how you feel..I hate when that happens. I always feel like, oh, I don't know...betrayed, or something. Like they really have their nerve letting something like that happen. LOL

I guess now would be a good time to stock up on all of those items needed in an emergency, right?

I'm a great procrastinator, too.

sue said...

Ooo...look! Fast! There is someone else here besides me! ;)

I can't believe your power went out after that nothing of a storm? Wow. They really are unprepared.

Our power blips about once a week for no reason. Just a blip. Just enough to have to re-set the clock on the microwave and hope my VCR remembered to tape.

I have a flashlight or three and a few other odds and ends, but no where as prepared as I should be. Hiding the matches, huh? Yeah... I remember McGuyver kitty... lol