Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Grumpy Bear Saga Continues

If you are concerned about the discrepensies in the chronology, I kept pushing back the time of arrival, so at first I planned on a three day cruise, but later realized it may be ten days eventually modifying my itenerary to include 30 days total

Grumpy Bear Day 10 of 15 really there's a voyage in there somewhere.

and Thelma if you are looking, yes the pictures with the story are of my boat. She is a 1986 30' SeaRay if I wanted to add dummy photos, I would pick a nicer boat like this one.

but I bought this one:
and she was half my age and
the answer to my dreams !

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sue said...

I almost spit up on my keyboard... "Thelma if you are listening... " LOLOL!