Friday, September 21, 2007

My treasure chest just missed Pirates Day

This wonderful chest is handcrafted with beautiful detail.
I purchased it from:
I chose the lighthouse edition, but they have a variety of stykes to choose from.

Nutmeg feigns indifference

But really she is beside herself about the new chest.

Chest at foot of bed

Top view of chest

Partial chest from bedroom door

Partial chest from bathroom door

Chest at foot of bed

Chest at foot of bed with weight bearing load (Chaos).


sue said...

Very nice! Lovely detail...

My GOSH Chaos has gotten HUGE!

Vin De Vine said...

Yes he has, but I see your point, I think that is an optical illusion from the angle of the picture, everything gets larger as it comes closer the lense.

Jan said...

I like that chest!

Your cat does look huge in the picture!