Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A new bed means new stuff, right?

So I received the egyption cotton sheets for my new bed, the Ronco Terminator 5000, it lifts, it bends, it seperates, it vibrates and has a kitty approval of 4 paws and a tail.

I also bought a new Hunter green comforter to go with the chocolate sheets.

I thought to myself that this reminds me of my sleeping accomadations in the Navy. What I need is a sea chest to hold my new comforter when not in use (otherwise the cats may steal it when I'm not looking). The chest isn't real I just super imposed it into my bedroom photo to see if I liked it.

I did, so I went ahead and ordered the set. I am pretty excited, I can't wait until they arrive. As long as I was in a Nauti mood, I figured maybe I should go with a seafarers theme so I began exploreing the internet for some new "stuff" for the bedroom.

These are my new antique hand carved Light house storage chests.

I also found a nice brass anchor with USN for mounting on a wall.

And a J. Rackman Instruments plaque

This is a pretty cool ships wheel, made from wood and 30" across

There are actually two of these lamps for my nightstands as shown in my fantasy room, None of this stuff is ordered yet, except the carved chests.

I think the port and starboard candle lamps might set a calm sea mood in the bedroom.

More plaques for the wall. I am going to list these in my Christmas wish list for the family members who alway complain they never know what to get me.

Or for the ones who want to get me something I really can use. Now who can't use book ends, mates?
I ams till searching for the right curtains, I have not had much luck on the inet yet, and I grow weary of the unmanly granny rose pattern drapes that hang now. Keep in mind I am often a day sleeper so I like dark drapery as a rule. The cats don't seem to care one way or another.


em said...

I hate to say it, but your bedroom sounds like its going to be decorated like a Red Lobster...just saying.

Heather said...

Maybe its the marine biologist in me, but I say.. Whats wrong with Red Lobster? Well, their decorations anyway, I hate their food.

sue said...

Unfortunately, Em beat me to the comment I was going to say... ;) Then again, there are so few really MANLY themes you can have for a bedroom, aren't there?

It is better than the roses... ;)

Vin De Vine said...

What's wrong with red Lobster?
It's better than going with a pirate theme, lols.

Vin De Vine said...
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Jan said...

Well, I think that room is gonna look pretty nice, and I think the accessories coordinate pretty well!

At least it has a 'theme' so to speak! And no race cars, and beer posters, I might add! :)

em said...

I'll allow it IF you wear an eyepatch while you're sleeping. And instead of snoring, you go "arrrr".

Vin De Vine said...

If I do that Em I may end up dreaming of Booty Bay where I sell parrots and macaws for 10s each inside the harbor Port o' Call, while watching Grizzlow hoist another wench from the mizzin mast.
I think I'll stick to dreaming about lobsters.