Thursday, September 6, 2007

Purring, Pranks, and Pain

It is so funny that my number 1 (only?) blogger fan should comment about my kitties and new bed. Last night I woke up too screaming pain in my lower back and I managed to roll to my unsteady feet in the pitch-black room. OK, not as funny at the time, the pain was tremendous but I managed to use my granny walker for support and scour the house for my back pills. Even the pain wasn’t motivation enough to jog my muzzy mind so it required a slow and yes painful (I want to see how many times I can say pain in the same rant.) stroll until I came across my little white pills. They were right exactly where I left them. Guilty Conscience surged forth gushing all kinds of details about the pills location after I found them; when I took them, where I was when I set them down, even what I was thinking at the time I set them down rushed back to me for all the good it did me now that I had them in my sleepy hands. The pills are not instantaneous with the relief as advertised but close enough to feel the pain slowly subsiding as I set down the empty water glass.

I generally do not like to take these pills on the principle they don’t fix anything; they just mask the pain so I can continue to do stupid things to lengthen my recovery time. Quite honestly, of late I am just sick and tired of the pain so I have been munching down on these caplets all week. I even went to shuffleboard Tuesday and was miserable and yet I am actually considering going again today as I write this. I am hopeless.

As a nice warm fuzzy wrapped around my lower back I eased myself down the hall and into the bedroom then turned on the lamp next to my new bed so I could see to straighten the covers I likely tossed in my turtles dash from the room. What I saw was that the head of the bed was raised completely up as well as the foot in a victory “V” wedge. I felt a tingly sensation running through the floorboards as 'magic fingers massage' coursed gently up and down the length of the bed. Amidst it all, there was Chaos smack dab in the middle laying sprawled out on his back out- purring the bed.

For now the remote control has gone into the nightstand drawer, but I am not so confidant that will be enough. Nutmeg the Mcguyver kitty can break into anything. I may be destined to become a human pretzel at my kitty’s whim for their sole entertainment in yet one more demeaning and embarrassing manner.

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Sue said...

Is this the point where I laugh, shake my finger at you and say "I told you so"? Good kitties.

Now, if you MUST go to shuffleboard, would it kill you to WATCH? What part of "take care of yourself" have you misunderstood? *sigh*