Friday, September 28, 2007

May I have a chocolate milkshake

I don’t understand the significance of dreams, and in my world this dream from last night is so far removed from my ‘normal’ Sci fi channel, World of Warcraft induced mélange of disturbia, I thought I would post it for discussion, interpretation or just for the hell of it.

I am a teacher. That is to say in my dream not necessarily in real life although a I have been known to teach a thing or two…

A poor start to my story, let me try to stay on point before the dream fades away. The kitties are hungry and restless and watching me as I type so I will hurry this along as quickly as I am able.

In my dream I stood before a contemporary classroom of children. Their age and appearance gave me the impression that I was before a fifth grade class (and no I do not watch ‘ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER’ because I fear the answer to that title) and we were discussing communication as a class subject.

I now vaguely recall my communications course in boot camp and I suppose maybe in some way that bit of personal history crept into my dream world last night or in some way influenced it as I spoke of individuality and how it effects interpretation, much in the same fashion as our non com instructor did in the military years ago.

Now we go back to my dream. As an example of how one person will interpret and relay a simple message I explained to the class in some detail how we would perform a classic experiment on communication and then I had the child in the first seat of the first row come up to my desk. I whispered to her “May I have a chocolate milkshake.” She went back to her seat and I could hear her as she turned to the boy seated behind her as she whispered, “ In May I had a chocolate milkshake.”

Again in my dream I was only able to hear a few children’s whispers as the message traveled up and down the aisles as the children in the first line of chairs spoke, but I heard such lines as “I may have had a chocolate milkshake.” And “Mary had a chocolate milk at break.”

But when the final child received his whisper, he walked up to me and I asked him to relay what he heard to the class and he said, “May I have a chocolate milkshake.”

That’s it. I woke up just then to another stirring morning mildly missing my dream world but looking forward to a new day. I wrote this down because it stayed with me longer than most dreams and in the back of my mind it still pesters me like a mending scab. I just keep picking at it. It seems like nonsense in one aspect, but it feels like it should have significance somehow.

For those who know me this dream is well out of the range of norm for me in that there were no monsters, sense of impending doom, quest to challenge, no real adventure at all. It seemed so normal it is quite disturbing.

I think I may have a milkshake for lunch today.


Jan said...

Hmmm...reminds me of that game played at parties, where each one whispers into the ear of the one sitting next to him, or her, and they whisper to the one next to them, all down the line. Then everyone gets a good laugh at the difference between what was actually whispered to the first one, and what the last one in line actually heard.

Actually, when you think about it, you could have been dreaming about the world of blogdom! :)

sue said...

LOL. I think Jan may be onto something... the wonderful world of the blog world gossip tree.

What I found amusing was as mixed up as the message was getting while going around (as they do in that game Jan is referring to) the last kid had it right! Strange.

Oh, what am I saying, Strange is your middle name - well, it should be. ;)