Saturday, September 29, 2007

mindless rant

My sympathies go out to the local newscasters who could not keep the disappointment out of their voices as they announced a 17-year-old gunman who took several hostages in an Oroville high school band room at gunpoint did not kill anyone. No one was injured and the young man surrendered to police shortly after the inception of the incident.

I was appalled in truth, or maybe I am just addled and senile but I swear I could read the news anchors frustration on her face and in her tone as she stuttered the less than world shattering news to the local headlines. So close, but nonetheless a near miss. We interrupt this program to announce a seventeen year old walked into a classroom brandishing a gun and then announced he was going to kill himself shortly after his girlfriend dumped him.

The classroom emptied as kids fled the area with the exception of two young girls who talked the troubled assailant down and took his gun away leading him out to the awaiting police. The entire school was bussed to a local church for counseling. When asked why the two girls chose to stay with the troubled teen, they replied it had to do with a classroom project in communication their fifth grade teacher presented that inspired them.

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Jan said...

You're right...sometimes, they look disappointed that the news isn't all that bad. :(