Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mind over matter

So, as I spent some quality time with my foot elevated I put on the TV and started catching up on my recorded shows. I selected Mind Control since its queu was filled with five episodes and tuned in. The guy (I don't recall the name of the host) left his billfold on a busy sidewalk and no one disturbed it, I wasn't much impressed. Then he psyched out some kids in a bar and some exotic dancers in a gentlemans club. I wasn't very impressed in fact I nodded off a bit during the show, and not for the first time that I watched this particular program.

I woke to find the host in a bank with 21 employees whom he had apparently instructed to guess a number of gumballs in a jar. One member guessed dead on and when she opened the jar there was a scroll that described her pretty much accurately. He then had her total all the numbers guessed and divide it by 21. That total also equaled the number of gumballs in the jar. All the employees were impressed. He then said that he believed that just as there was a certain type who would accurately guess the number of gumballs, he believed there was also a certain type of person who would nod off while watching his show and they would probably be named Mike or Michael. Now I am sure that it was some form of media hype, maybe they are able to filter the program by viewer info, or maybe just random luck but this is one Michael who is damn impressed.

Anyone have any ideas how he does that stuff? The host claims no magic or supernatural abilities. He also claims no stooges or props are unvolved, yet I still feel like a stooge every time I watch the show. How does something come off so boring and yet facinating at the same time?

I had been hoping to watch the HEROES season premier. I fretted over missing it so I set one recorder to record new episodes with the standard five episode queu, and the other recorder to record all episodes with no queu restictions. The results? The second recorder has nineteen episodes recorded, none of them the season premier. The first recorder recorded new reruns filling the queu unril the season premier was pushed out and erased for all eternity. But I remain commercial free. I hope I can watch it on the internet tonight...


sue said...

I was just gonna suggest the i-net. I've watched it sometimes there if I happen to miss.

I've seen that guy, too. A couple episodes he showed how he did what he did, but it was strange. I was surprised how he does it. I'm sure there is an explaination, but then... does there have to be? Can we just be amazed? That would have freaked me out to hear my name being the one who falls asleep after falling asleep! Yikes!

Vin De Vine said...

Saturday is hosting a rerun of Heroes "Four Months Later" I hope that is the 2nd season pilot.
More bad news for me, Veronica Mars is not on the fall line up.
It's always the pre-adolescent shows I like that get neglected. I did happen upon season one Dexter on the 101 and have been watching it. I watched Chuck and was mindlessly impressed. It seriously reminds me of a better interpretation of Jake 2.0 but we'll see.
And yah I like amazed, that guy in the show just disturbs though. I guess I need bells and whistles and pretty colors with my magic.

Vin De Vine said...

LoL did I say pilot? I did mean to write season opener.

sue said...

Yes, that IS the Heroes second season premiere.

Never watched Veronica Mars.

Do you like Dexter? New season starts soon.

I watched Chuck and that was my exact same thought. Exact. Really! I liked Jake 2.0 and hated when it got taken off - of course, I never saw it until they put it into re-runs, but still... seems weird every time I happen to switch on Ugly Betty and see "Jake"! LOL!