Monday, September 10, 2007

Well here I go again, Sue is in a questionaire mood again so these questions have been asked of me.

1. Tell me something you really like about yourself.
You picked a tough question for me; I am so not about me it is excruciatingly painful at times. I suppose saying there isn’t much I don’t like is a cop out so let’s focus on something a little more specific. I like the way I sing, I can listen to me for hours. I am not always thrilled with how my recorded voice comes out, but I have been known to sing for my own self absorbed pleasure from afternoon until early on in the wee hours of the morning, as much as 12 hours straight. Vanity? I don’t see it.

2. If life gave "do-overs" would you have many? Tell me one.
If I had a perspective of where my life would go and had an opportunity to change things I should leave well enough alone and enjoy all the good fortune ahead as well as the painful mistakes and events that shaped my life. One thing I might like to hold onto is the confidence of knowing how my life would reward me as it progressed, but then I would lose the unique surprise and wonder and most of the magic would disappear, so again the right thing would be to leave well enough alone and just hold on tight for the roller coaster ride. But… if the opportunity arose, knowing me I would likely try to do something to make the world better, like joining the Peace Corps or a Monastery or both.

3. What would you like to be remembered for after you're gone?
I want to be remembered for unleashing massive peace on the world one person at a time. Seriously I just want to be thought of as that “nice guy, kind of quiet, but real friendly”. I don’t want to be envied for what I had or made fun of as that oddball who had too many hobbies, too much time on his hands and never took anything serious. I would hope that I leave a small vacuum behind that someone younger and smarter will step up to and fill.

4. Knowing what you know now, what is one piece of wisdom you'd like to pass on to future generations?
Don’t ever get too busy to appreciate life and those around you. The reward isn’t about who finished first or finished with the most toys, the reward is based on the journey and how you get there.

5. Is your life a.) A harlequin romance b.) An atlas
c.) A mystery d.) Sci-fi or e.) other? Explain.
At the moment my life is a C, but it has been an A, a B, a D and an E. I am still transitioning into old coot mode adjusting to retired life and the many wondrous ever changing phases of decomposition and deterioration the body takes on in advance codger stages. But I have had romance, adventure, real life shoot-em ups, drama, comedy, I traveled a lot, settled and resettled, watched the Dick Tracy radio watches step right out of the comic strips and into real life, saw Hal 2000 rebel on extra wide screen theater and one day named my own pc Hal only to nervously reflect on the wisdom of tempting fate with such a legacy. I watched George Jetson trip over a vacuuming robot in a cartoon and I myself have tripped over a robot vacuum cleaner. I witnessed a man step onto the moon, seen snaps shots taken from mars, the cure for polio, small pox, and diphtheria, I’ve seen inflation, deflation, saturation, commercialization, smart bombs, smart bullets, dumb wars, street riots, street gangs and the deification of Rap music. So there has been lots of Sci fi turned into sci fact in my lifetime.


Sue said...

Thanks for playing! Good answers (as always!)...

Jan said...

Wow..what an interesting life you've lived!

Great interview!