Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tag I'm it

Jan @ Vinegar and Honey has tagged me for a Meme that if I understand correctly is about my blog evolution. That is how I read it and that is how I am going to interpret this Meme. And I am going to cheat. I posted this info earlier about growing concerns for blog orphans and confessed to leaving my share of blog babies abandoned in the blogoshere. Consequently I included my blogging history and how this page came to be.

The rules are to explain the evolution of your blog and then Tag five unsuspecting bloggers and link them back to Jan @ Vinegar and Honey and Michael @ Gossip Galaxy

So listen up, the following bloggers beware;
em of Mellow Chaos
Shafa of American Twenty Something
brat of barista brat
Becky of Searching for Oz
You have been TAGGED thanks to Jan @ Vinegar and Honey and of course myself.


sue said...

I got this one, too, but just haven't done it yet... :)

Jan said... said you were gonna cheat, and YOU DID! (Didn't you? I'm confused!)

It's funny, though...and I just know that everyone you tagged is going to just love you!

Vin De Vine said...

well I did 'cheat' in that I already posted information about my blog evolution, so I am merely recycling. I was much more involved in setting up my own tag victims. That took a little work.

Jan said...

If you read the latest comments on my blog, you will see how I feel about this thing.

It is especially hard to tag people when you hardly know any other bloggers, and the same ones keep getting tagged over and over again.

Thanks for playing, are a real trooper!

And friend! :)