Monday, October 15, 2007

Ok, you got me, I didn't know what to write about the last couple days...


Lately, I've been noticing just how large my collection of toenail clippings has been getting.

Everytime I have clipped my toenails since a was very young, I have accumulated every bit of my clips and amassed them into a zip lock plastic baggy which later was replaced with a wooden box originally intended for pet cremation. The fine crafted contaner somehow came into my possession sans cremated pet. It seemed the proper resting place for my cut cuticals.

Collecting the toenail clippings has been hard. It is difficult to assimilate them because of how the clippings fly around all over the place when clipped. some times the cats will attack one before I can retrieve it and I am forced to dash about the house in pursuit of my evasive critter in custody pf a loose tonail.

Perhaps some day I will send them out to be bronzed (my toenail clippings, not the cats) like baby shoes and then put them on ebay, because face it, there just isn't enough weirdness on ebay yet...

Ok, I don't really have a toenail clipping collection, but I do think of starting one every time I clip my nails. Is it because I am bored and my mind wonders? I don;t know, but sometimes there will be a very uniqu clipping that stands out and I think to myself "If I actually did save my toenail clippings, this would be the one I always pulled out to look at..."


sue said...

WHEW! There for a minute I was going to have to revise my opinion of you. Glad it wasn't true! ;)

Jan said...

Hmmm..but maybe he does have a toenail clipping connection.

I mean, do we REALLY know what is in that attractive wooden box? :)

em said...

Yeah. The only reason I kept reading this post was out of sheer hope that in the end it wasn't true and that would make the gagging reflex go away.