Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day is done

Ok, I was going to write a serious piece about my Mom and our last few weeks together, but I got caught up in song writing burning the midnight oil until the wee hours of the morning. So I decided to post my new song but in the light of day I realized that thanks to em and her recent post I apparently pirated the tune to

Death Cab's I Will Follow You Into The Dark

So I decided that it is sad, but pretty and hauntingly lyrical and I would record it anyway and post the song, but production lagged and I decided I need some piano in the mix, and lost some enthusiasm for my lack of originality and to make a long story short the song isn't recorded yet.

So this is my post of excuses. The dog didn't eat it, I just ran out of time so this is all I have ofr the day. Late and uninformative.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Jan said...

Michael, I will really be looking forward to that post about your mom.

I hope you get your song the way you want it, so you can post it.

sue said...

Jan - it will be worth it. One of his many talents is musical.