Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fa La La

Not much to say today. It’s hump day for some, just another day for others. I sat up until 4a.m. rewriting Tremblin’ Hands and arranging the score in Reason using a bright piano and some low and spiky old time grand for background. I added a combination of acoustic lead and electric heavy strum rhythm guitars, an upright finger bass, some driving drums and for the instrumental break a little telo-tube guitar and some (I guess some would call it old fashion now days) moog action. I played around with some bari sax and flute combos, but I lost the fifties edge somewhere in the beat and electronics so could not get them to blend well. I ended up with a fifties style song with a seventies drive and a nineties beat. An awkward bastard child of a pop duet and I may bring it out at Open Mike Friday if anyone is bold enough to try it with me.

So after I run a few pick up errands this morning that I overlooked yesterday, I am likely going to spend the rest of the day making karaoke sing-along disks. Tremblin’ Hands of course and before I do that I have two humorous song parodies on ARE YOU LONESOME TONITE and THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS for Karaoke Ron’s wife, Sue K or Suki as I call her for convenience sake.


Jan said... are just so talented, and creative!

I grew up listening to all-night music sessions. My stepdad, and his sons and nephews played several instruments, including fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and of course, guitar!

I can pick out any tune with one ear! :)

Vin De Vine said...

wow! that's a good ear for music!
It took me several years to pickout ODE TO JOY OF MAN'S DESIRE, but finally managed to figure it out w/o sheet music. I don't know why exactly I did that, but it was like a puzzle I guess.

Jan said...

None of those I mentioned could read a note of music, but they were all great musicians.

They would spend the whole weekend playing and singing, and one of Daddy's friend eventually made a gold record.

His name was Bobby Edward Moncrief, but his professional name was Bobby Edwards.

The name of the song was "I Go Out Walking After Midnight." It has been recorded by several others since then, I think. That was way back in the sixties.

Bobby later on had a Gospel group, and had a recording studio.

I'm not sure what he does now, but he is still connected in some way with the music business in Nashville.

Sorry, this was so long.

Vin De Vine said...

I have a cousin Floyd from down LA. way. I think he may have played music with Bobby Edwards if it is the same one. Floyd later hit So Cal with a group called the Flying burrito Brothers in the 70's and before that he and friend Sneaky Pete would often come to Vegas and sit in with my Uncles' band the Action Faction, or my Dad's band Pickett's Raiders.

I remember a great song by Bobby Edwards YOU'RE THE REASON back in the late 50's or early 60's.

You sure brought out a flood of flashbacks. Thanks Jan.

Jan said...

vin..I just came back to make the correction..You're the Reason is the name of the song.

I'm sure that we're talking about the same Bobby Edwards. Daddy is the one who taught him to play guitar when he was just a kid.

Bobby wrote and recorded that song in the sixties.

Those memories are some of the best ones that I have.

I think I was thinking of a song by Patsy Cline which came out around the same was a long time ago.

There is probably a picture of Bobby somewhere in my mom's things, which are packed up somewhere.

Bobby's recording studio in Alabama burned down a few years ago, and after that, he moved to Nashville.

The last time that I saw him, we had taken Mother by to see him...that was just before she became bedfast.

This post was too long, again. Sorry.

Vin De Vine said...

Is there a rule about post and comment length? 'cause if there is, I am always violating it.

sue said...

Small world... ;)

sue said...

Small world... ;)

sue said...

...oh, and Jan... you are only seeing the TIP of the iceberg. This man can blow you away with his many talents! ;)