Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Story time again. Some may not know anything about Sam Gambol, who he is and what he has done, but I know Sue does. She motivated me to complete my sci-fi story into a novel size book. but Sam has sat quietly in a corner waiting patiently for me to complete my current project EYES.

So I thought maybe a little background story to ease back into the Travelogged mode might be in order. Travelogged being the original idea for the title. Sam Gambol began in my mind in high school as a college kid turned into a mechanical tank for the military (bionic man style I guess). after his adventures as Tred Boy the cyber soldier, he lead a revolt of peaceful resistance that ended up with the pulling of his brain matter out of his defunct war machine and stuck in a cryonics lab for thousands of years to finally be defrosted and inserted into a standard vat clone body and reindoctrinated into society. But unfortunately time left Sam unprepared for the new society and Sam opted for training in space mining where he was sent out as an apprentice on a tour of duty with an old astro miner named Pick. They became involved in the company wars and ultimately Pick lost his life over sabatage inflicted by rival miners, but the blame was placed on apprentice Sam who lost an arm in the accident and yet to this day Sam blames himself for the death of his partner. Being near death when discovered, Sam was refrozen for another several centuries before being defrosted with his old vat clone body with new technology and a replaced arm. In debt and out of phase with the new world once again, after working for the oldest man alive (that was never cryonically frozen) as a dectective, Sam was eventually inducted into service to Earth Data Central, a defensive alliance army dedcated to keeping human free-space safe from invaders.

This is some of his story:

There is a reason why Sam Gambol became an explorer scout, preferring the quiet solitude of uncharted space to the dread responsibility involved in his previous line of work. Let’s just say that for Sam, a day at the beach was no walk in the park.


sue said...

Will catch up on this later when I'm not at work... just an FYI, did you realize you missed your own Blog Lurk extension yesterday? ;)

Vin De Vine said...

Lol! I did! I missed Blog mofo lurk annex.
And I missed the Autumn equinox as well!
But I am not really all that concerned about "who knows what evil lurks in the blogs of gossip?" The Shadow? Not me, I don't care really.

Jan said...

Would you guys just speak plain english so I could follow along, too? LOL

I've got to crack the code, somehow!

My husband would probably love reading that new novel.