Thursday, August 23, 2007


Sue made me do this!

Here's the deal, I think. The first 3 commenters to this post asking to participate will, in the next year, receive a fun crafty item personally created by yours truly ( in this case a book of short stories). In return, you must post on your blog and in the next year send the first 3 people to request something in return. A year is a long time to figure out and make something to send… just don't let it be so long that it gets forgotten! I've mostly seen the rules to be send something hand-made, but if you are not the crafty sort, make up your own rules… I'd say just make sure whatever you send is something fun that you yourself would love to receive! If not crafty, perhaps something unique to the area where you live?
So, who would like to participate? If you do, let me know some of your preferences… if you've seen something I've made (which would be a stretch, seeing as I've barely posted anything I've made!) that you especially love or know you'd never use or if you have certain colors you love or hate?

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