Monday, August 27, 2007

Little Orphan Bloggy

Someone was weeping for the orphaned blogs out there in cyberspace, wondering what ever happens to the lonely abandoned baby blogs that no one ever claims any more. There are so many reasons and possibilities that may explain the wanton abandonment of pubescent pages of bloggery.I for one have walked away from several personal blog sites before I finally manned up and took responsibility for this blog cluster. Now I know what I am doing unusual for blog sites, but I am certain I am not the originator of cluster blogs. I just have a simple mind that appreciates content seperationism. OK, I like the backgrounds, couldn't decide on one so I went with several.

The reason for my reckless abandon of previous blogs was initially steered by ignorance. I signed up for a couple blogs without knowing wtf a blog was. Once I got wrapped up in micro design and theme construction I was in over my head and ran the opposite direction as fast as I was able, trying my best to forget the entire episode. Thus the repetition. Finally my mind worked around the discomfort and set up alarm whistles and blinders to prevent me from blundering into another frantic evening of "What does this do?" ala carte for one please.

Later I was forcefully shanghied as I strolled peacefully through the internet. Someone told me to check out their website and read some nonsense they had posted there and as I approached the address unsuspecting like, I was accosted by info thugs wanting my life history before they would allow me to pass. The added stress and time spent to access the blog site must have kicked over a pail of adrenalin because before you know it I wanted to post a comment and let the world know that I had been there, and all of a sudden I was chewing on my lower lip, chewing on my nails and pecking out a clever comment. As I went to post my valuable input, I spied a fill in box requesting my blog info. It would not accept "none available" in the data entry space, so I went in search of an easy one night stand blog space. I actually kept that site for awhile as a resource to comment on those rare evenings when my friend motivated me by a unusually clever blog entry until one day I couldn't remember my password and realized that it wasn't all that important after all and walked away from yet another blog site.

Then a couple years ago I became a wiser man (ding!). By then I understood the term blog and was intrigued by the concept so I endeavored to set up a simple blog site for my own personal storage of thoughts and story ideas so the next time I suffered an Fwipe from a seasoned computer repair guy ("oh, did you want to save any of that data?") I wouldnot lose three quarters of my personal knowledge (how did I keep all that in my head before computers?). I tried to be faithful to my blog site and for a while I visited it often and found myself writing far more than I had in the past and was enjoying it. But life has a funny way of messing with contentment in my crazy world and one thing led to another and writing was on the back burner once again. Another orphan cast out into the cold.

Recently I opened a blog because a friend was using the same blog service, but by the time I activated my account, she had moved on to greener pastures. I did not care much for my own site myself, and spent more time playing with the settings than I did posting so eventually I moved on to a meadow with more appealing hues and shades of proverbial green than my own. I stayed there a year and strange things began to happen, posts would disapear, then entire months began to erase themselves. When I contacted support I was told in plain english (as plain as an indonesian accent can get) that my posts were still there and it must be a glitch in my computer, so I made inquiries to my loyal blog readers who initially alerted me to the fact that they could not find a certain blog entry, or that they hadn't seen anything new for some time... Odd, we must all be suffering from the same computer glitch. So I made one more move abandoning yet another blog site.

I am happy where I am now, and am committed to feeding and caring for this cluster blog until my fingers bleed. God save the keyboard.

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Sue said... least now I know where to find you if you stop blogging... mwhaa haa haa...